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Asia Saint Rowe | The Saint Who Spoke The Word

It was my pleasure to interview the young, talented and gifted spoken word poetess, writer, air hostess, photographer and videographer of Ve3inc, Asia “Saint” Rowe.  A young queen of many titles, born March 16th 1993, to a Jamaican Navy veteran dad and an American nurse mom; she was born in Patterson New Jersey then later lived in Hawaii, Virginia, Georgia and now resides in Detroit.

Asia Saint Rowe is the youngest of three siblings. She’s the little sister to Ve3inc’s recording artiste, Jasmine V. Rowe. The free spirited Asia, attended Columbus State University where she met artist and friend Jillian Williams, whom she collaborated with on a few occasions, by giving Jillian’s marvelous artworks a voice in “spoken word” form.


The contemporary poetess has penned a few gems which she voices over a rhythmic tone of musical instruments. Her messages shed light on current issues that many women and girls of African decent tend to face in their day to day life by society's standards and impertinent expectations. Asia's poems doesnt hold back on hard hitting topics which usually evokes feelings of being misunderstood, unappreciated, ridiculed, mentally enslaved and emotionally hurt by its audience. However, her solution given to the listener is an unyielding resolution to be who they are and remain true to themselves.. ALWAYS and UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

Asia Saint Rowe has written, A Beautiful Creation, The Rose from the Concrete, The Brown Caterpillar, Mr October, In Secure Curves (in which she collaborated with Jillian), she also did a spoken word cover to Jhene Aiko ft Big Sean song “Non Of Your Concern”.

This interview will showcase the artistic workflow, thoughts and give clear insight of a poet who is set to make a mark on the world of poetry.


TR: When did you start writing and what do you think attracted you to the world of poetry?

ASR: I started writing in College when I was going to Columbus State University (CSU). I’ve always been a person who found it hard to vocally express herself and so I started to write because I saw how others used it in that same light.

TR: What motivated you to go on to focus on adding music to your poetries?

ASR: I just truly love music and I didn’t see a lot of poets doing that unless they were on someone else’s song/album.

TR: How do you think you’ve evolved as a writer over the years?

ASR: Before I only wrote “love poems” now I’ve definitely gotten better at writing poems referenced to current events and social topics.

TR: Could you tell me a bit about your own editing/rewriting process?

ASR: I have to kinda be in the moment. I’m still working on being a fast writer because I know I can lose opportunities like that but when I’m in the moment, I can write for hours.

TR: How do you approach writing your poetry?

ASR: I have to visually see what I want to write about before I write and truly feel it or I can’t write anything.

TR: Have you ever wrote about someone else’s experience?

ASR:  Yes, a lot of my poems have also been about just looking into a friends or family members life and getting inspired to write about it.

TR: Do you think poetry is given the same reception as music?

ASR: Um not completely but I definitely see it growing again. Lauryn Hill opened that poetic door of music I feel and then artist like Jill Scott and Wale especially made people want to hear more poetic voices.

TR: What’s the best experience you’ve gained through your writing?

ASR:  Confidence.

TR: Which poets or poems most inspire you?

ASR: Anyone that was on HBOs Def Poetry lol. Jasmine Mans and Alyssia Harris were two poets I saw in College back in 2012 that inspired me to truly write. UK’s poet Sophia Thakur and Reyna Biddy are two poets that inspired me with adding music to my poems.

TR: Whose work would you recommend with regards to contemporary poetry?

ASR: Mine Lol. But definitely Sophia Thakur.

TR: Do you have a particular process or place where you like to write?

ASR: No, not really. I can write basically anywhere as long as I don’t get too distracted.

TR: Does a poem start life in longhand, notes, or straight to the computer?

ASR: Longhand notes. I’ll scribble a line and lol a week or month later get back with a full thought of what I want to say.

TR: How do you respond to writer’s block or not knowing what to write?

ASR: lol I scream.. Um, I just leave it alone but let it be a constant thought in my head and usually something comes to me

TR: What’s the next step for you, now that you’ve created your platform?

ASR: I’m currently working on doing collabs with my friend from college (Jillian) and also just continue to grow.  And I’m about to co-write with my sister, Jasmine V. Rowe on her album too, so I’m super excited for that! I want to be where the ladies I spoke of earlier are at one day! Traveling and doing shows and arenas one day as just poet.

By: Tamara Robinson


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