Jasmine .V. Rowe

Up and coming artiste Jasmine .V. Rowe is about to create her very own waves in the music world, with a fusion of reggae and soul mixed with R&B. Which she unapologetically showcases in “Tell Me Part Two” her first single.
Jasmine V Rowe (JVR) who currently resides in Douglasville Georgia, just outside of Atlanta, has dual heritage with Jamaican father and an American mother. So it’s natural that her taste in music is a mixture of Reggae, Soul and R&B music.

“Tell Me Part 2” was originally recorded in 2011 at the legendary Harry J Studio in Kingston, where world renowned legend Bob Marley and The Wailers have recorded some of their greatest hits.
To record a song of this nature on Jamaican soil, is a dream come through for the now 28 year old songwriter and soulful songstress.

Jasmine V. Rowe is very excited to get “Tell Me Part 2” on the radio airwaves. It really means everything to her, to release “Tell Me Part Two” in Jamaica because Jamaica is a part of her heritage and the heavy reggae influence is musically evident within the song.
Jasmine V Rowe is the first artist on her Jamaican born, now US Navy veteran father’s label Ve3! Inc.

Jasmine V Rowe is currently working on her EP which is the label’s first studio EP. The label is currently in Jamaica working on Jasmine’s Kingston tracking sessions with musical geniuses such as Franklin “Bubbler” Waul, Famed bass player Robbie Shakespeare, the late veteran Guitarist Winston “Bo Pee” Bowen and Paul “Wrong Move” Crosdale, Saxophonist extraordinaire Dean Frazer, Drummers Kush McAnuff, Sly Dunbar, Cleveland “Clevie” Browne, Kirk “kirkledove” Bennett, Shaun Darson and Keyboardist Robert “Robbie” Bernard Lyn along with ‘Girlie Girlie’ songwriter Anthony Sangie Davis, with a throng of others who are guarantee to thrill you with rhythmic instrumental sounds, while Jasmine’s melodious vocals keep you dancing and vibing from beginning to end.
Jasmine V Rowe is very excited and passionate about her EP, which will be released summer 2019.

This EP will take you on a musical journey with the soulful, melodious n captivating voice of Jasmine V. Rowe. This will certainly create a buzz for the talented singer/songwriter who is about to take the music world to a new l, musical high and different level.