Jasmine V Rowe tells all

Born in the United States to a Jamaican father and American mother, Jasmine V Rowe grew up with an appreciation for their different cultures.

She blends reggae with soul on the song, Tell Me Part Two, which was recently released. Though it has a summer party feel, the 25-year-old singer refuses to be labelled.

“A summer hit will be awesome, but a summer classic will be a blessing! I say that because when a song is a hit it comes and goes, and when something is a classic, it lives with you forever,” she told the Jamaica Observer.

Tell Me Part Two is produced by her father, Robert for his Ve3! Inc label. It was recorded at Harry J studio in Kingston last year with bassist Robbie Shakespeare, drummer Kush McAnuff and guitarist Winston ‘Bo Pee’ Bowen backing her.

Rowe was born in Paterson, New Jersey but also lived in Virginia and Hawaii while her father was in the US Navy. She currently lives in Georgia.

A professionally trained vocalist, she has been recording for five years.

Tell Me Part Two sums up her approach to music.

“If you’re a lyrical person, I feel the lyrics are worth breaking down and learning from. If you’re a person that truly focuses on the rhythm then it just continues to build and grow from the intro to the breakdown, all the way to the end of the song,” she explained. “The song is catchy and any song I do, my focus is the entire piece of music, not just one part.”

— HC